Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome Baby Dilynn Perkins Pedrotty!!!!!

1st of all I am so lucky to have a husband that can make me laugh even when I'm in labor:) We waited all day at the hospital to get induced but apparently it was a crazy baby having day so I didn't een get put in a room until about 4;45pm on the 27th. One lady even had a baby in the parking lot!!!!! Anyways they hooked me up to ptosin and well the rest is fun from there. If any one is ever planning on having a baby or doing the labor thing I have a suggestion to make...first don't get induced lol and if you do get a birthing ball they make the contractions a bit more bearable, cause ptosin sure as heck makes them worse:) anyways Dilynn was born at 3:14 in the morning on May 28th. He wieghed 7lbs. 2 oz and was 20 inches long with a head circumferance of ok it was 14 inches but thats HUGE!!!! the cord was wrpped around his neck but the Doctor was all over it and everything was fine:) When I first saw the little man I thought to myself..."I already had that baby???" no joke he looks exactly like his big bro di so I'll have to post pictures of both and see if anyone can tell a differance...its a little crazy...kinda like having identicle twins two and a half years a part:) Dilynn is named after my Dad and Grandpa who's first names are Lynn and his middle name is after my Grandfather who we called Pa who was an incredible man that meant the world to me:) He actually passed away unexpectadly on March 13th. One night while I was visiting him in the Hospital Dilynn was moving like crazy and My grandfather got to feel him kicking and I told him we were naming him after him. It was emotional and my grandfather couldn't talk but he smiled and got teary. He passed about a week later and I'm pretty sure he called in a favor for me cause Dilynn had some kidney issues that cleared up a few days later. He is a super good baby and such a blessing to have in our home:) I hate being pregnant but hte rewards are indescribable and so so so so worth it:) Matthew is being so helpful and is such a loving big brother:)


  1. He is so cute. I am so happy for you. I love how the lynn part comes from your dad. I hope to see him soon.