Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Trip to the Lake:)

So on a whim we decided to take Matthew down to the Butte for a few days since Kurt had some much needed time off. I knew he loved water but the look on his face when he saw this much was pretty dang cute. He wouldn't even wait for me to get his suit on so clothes and shoes went right in:) OH WELL life is too short:) He got such a kick out of throwing rocks in the water with his dad and we had a great time. The water is a little nasty but you get past it pretty fast and we had a great time:)

When we finally changed into our swim jazz we just took a blanket and all the toys and set up on the bank and let Matthew at it......the kid has no fear and just kept trying to walk all the way in it was a riot:) I had to tell Kurt at one point that I was probably having the most fun I'd had in a long time just sitting there watching the two of them laugh and splash and play. Moments like that make me feel like parenthood is the best thing in the world....since there are for sures moments that don't lol but I still wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so grateful for the time Kurt had off we really got to enjoy parenthood and family:)

SAVE ME MOM!!!!!!!!

K so this probably wasn't our brightest parenthood moment but Matthew is normally so daring and fearless........He hates boats and so the whole dragging behind one on an inter tube didn't go so well but....... maybe next time? lol Oh well he cheered right up after when dad threw him in the air and I let him jump off the back of the boat over and over:) I find it crazy that he'll jump right off and under water no problem and laugh and squeal but a ride on a boat is like torture:)

AAHH....the car ride home....not the most pleasant experience as you can see from the expressions on the boys faces but we survived:)
I swear I am not tired MOM .....uh huh right we believe you bubby:)
not tired just severely pissed off:)

What a stud with his Sunglasses......He even posses with them down over his nose it is so funny! He has such a huge personality in his itty bitty man body and I just can't get enough of it:) all in all the lake trip was a big success and i would for sures do it again:)