Sunday, April 27, 2008

Matthew James has changed soooo much. It's crazy to compare Bath time pics just from week to week. He is so much fun and He rolled over for the first time today at fifteen weeks. It probably took him a little longer than most cause He's already a stout eighteen lbs. and thats a lot of weight to be throwing around. We're are having a blast with him though, It's so fun to be able to interact with toys and books now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daddy and Bubby

Kurt is extremely busy being in his first year of Med School and trying to balance school work , a new baby and me:) He is so great with Matthew though and it is so fun to see them together, it's like Matthew is his little mini me:) My favorite is when they fall asleep together, and Matthew smiles in his sleep. You can tell He really loves his dad.

First Family Pictures

Kurt finally had a break from school so we went and got some family pics. We couldn't get Matthew to smile for the life of us, but they still turned out cute. It's so much fun to have our little family:) every day is an adventure. It all makes me wonder how my mom did it with seven!!!! You go mom, or should I say Wonder Woman.