Thursday, November 6, 2008

So I could not get a jolly picture of Santa on Holloween I think he was a little confused which holiday it actually was:) He did however love trick or treating and everytime we rang a doorbel he would squeal and wave and say hello. I can't imagine how he'll act in the future when he actually participates and gets candy.

We chose Santa one because Matthew is a Happy fat and jolly little munchkin, two almost all little kids sit on his lap. Wierd I know but true. Little kids crawl over and sit on his lap deliberatly so I had mentioned a couple months back that he was like santa. Three believe it or not Kurt has been listening to Christmas music since Matthew was born in January and he left the Christmas lights up outside(not lit of course) since last Christmas, and started lighting them the day after Holloween. So He's a big fan and I thought that he would get a kick out of Matthew's costume. I had a wig and beard and everything but Matthew was barely cooperating for the hat so I lost that battle. It was fun to dress up though.