Friday, January 22, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Pedrotty's

All the guys this little man is named after:) so fun to get them all together:)
Matthew's Nono and Nona visiting from Ohio for Thanksgiving
Matthew is such a goof ball I think he likes pictures as much as me:) at least he is better at it
Matthew and his Papa....always goofing off and having a blast:)

Thanksgiving at the Pedrotty's house:) I absolutely hate taking pictures but its always fun to have them after the fact:) Never a shortage when there is an occasion of any kind at the Pedrotty house but its fun to look back and see:)

Celebrating Nono's 83rd Birthday:)

I keep posting inthe wrong order but he dug his spaghetti...literally:0 then moved on to the cake which was equally liked:) Nono is Matthews Great Grandpa Pedrotty who he is named after and absolutely loves:) Happy Birthday NONO:)

Arts and Crafts:)

Matthew made a present for his grandma Pedrotty's Birthday and we had so much fun....except for the cleanup:) I had to finish the project but it turned out so cute:)

Sock Puppet Play Date

Matthew had his friend Mylie over to make sock puppets and It turned out to be so fun and so hilarious!!!! Kids are so stinken fun and so amazing to watch grow but also very very very good for entertainment:)

Random pics just to catch up:)

Trying to teach Matthew how to say cheese and smile for the camera:) he finally figured it out and I got a good one:)

Birthday trip to the Aquarium for Shailee's 5th Birthday!!!!! I can't believe she's 5!!!!!

Trip to the zoo with Mom and Dad durring Dads quick break between rotations:)

Playing pirates:)and just being goofy Matthew:)

First trip to a Baseball game:) it was pretty fun and Matthew really liked the game and watching all the people.Isotopes park is also awesome for kids they have a whole playground and some grass to run around on:) so much fun can't wait for the next season to start:)