Sunday, April 11, 2010

Matthew's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe he's 2!!!!!! I think if I weren't already pregnant I would have had a total meltdown that my baby is 2!!!!! We decided on Chuck E Cheese for the party and we had a lot of was a little chaos but still super fun and although I don't have picture documentation for a lot of it I saw a lot of the adults being pretty hilarious on the Mom was killing this sniper game and I'm not gonna lie I was super impressed and a little scared lol:) but it was fun to all be together...can't wait for Jeremiah and Carrie and their gang to get back to town so we can have them at these things to:)


So this is normaly something Kurt and I do after Matthew goes to bed but lately Matthew wants to help and he says "my make it" or "my do it" or "my help" so we let him and it was pretty funny and priceless:) again Kids make everything that much better:) Thanks Kurt for being so patient and letting him help...these are the memories worth having for sure and the ones to hold on to when life gets too busy and too crappy:) You are the best Kurt and in Matthew's words "you're great Dad"

What would we do without Explora

We always have to take advantage of our Dad time since Medical School is so time consming and Kurt hardly gets to see Matthew. So when Kurt has breaks we have our favorite spots to take him:) Matthew loves explora and I seriously recomend it to anyone who lives here in Albuquerque its so fun....and I just have to say while I don't condone the not sharing his drumsticks with his Dad it was nice that he offered them to me:) seriously nice to get the appreciation sometimes from the little's not always easy to be Mom but when they do sweet things like that it makes it all worth it:)

My Boys Building Trains

Matthew got some trains from Santa for Christmas so Kurt and him spent a good 45min putting them only to have it torn a part within minutes but I think it was the male bonding that was most important.....and talk about a lesson in patience for both of them:)

Christmas Morning

Matthew wasn't that excited to be woken up that morning but he caught on pretty fast to the present thing and loved the rest of the day:) We had a blast with him and I can't believe how much more fulfilling everything is once you have a child to share it with. So great to be a parent ..there is absolutely nothing better.

Christmas Eve 2009

Yes I know Its April and I'm just posting Christmas Eve but hey better late than never and I really have had a lot going on in the last um.....six to eight months so forgive me...if there is anyone who still even checks my blog:) lol....So as always the family pictures taken every Christmas Eve at the Pedrotty Houshold...Hate getting them taken but love having them so I guess I should just grin and bear it right:)But at this point in the pregnancy I was still super naseouse so thats the hint of green on my face, I wore green to so that probably didn't do me any favors lol oh well:) As you can see Matthew is HUGE and I'm not so small myself:0 We found out a couple days after this pic that we are having another little boy and I could not be happier:) We still don't have a name but we are so excited to welcome him into the fam:) Matthew especially.