Thursday, November 6, 2008

So I could not get a jolly picture of Santa on Holloween I think he was a little confused which holiday it actually was:) He did however love trick or treating and everytime we rang a doorbel he would squeal and wave and say hello. I can't imagine how he'll act in the future when he actually participates and gets candy.

We chose Santa one because Matthew is a Happy fat and jolly little munchkin, two almost all little kids sit on his lap. Wierd I know but true. Little kids crawl over and sit on his lap deliberatly so I had mentioned a couple months back that he was like santa. Three believe it or not Kurt has been listening to Christmas music since Matthew was born in January and he left the Christmas lights up outside(not lit of course) since last Christmas, and started lighting them the day after Holloween. So He's a big fan and I thought that he would get a kick out of Matthew's costume. I had a wig and beard and everything but Matthew was barely cooperating for the hat so I lost that battle. It was fun to dress up though.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So having kids is the best and hardest thing in the world. I don't know what I would do without him but dang does parenting put you through the ringer. I feel about fifty and probably look older than that with all the sleep deprevation but again LOVE IT!!! So as a parent you always worry right? Well a couple weeks ago Matthew got a little dot in his eye and we took him to the doc's and they said no biggie probably just a mole or something. To make a long story short , after more appointments we discover that it's some kind of foreign object that needs to come out so within twenty four hours Matthew was put under and this tiny thing was removed. Worst day ever. I can't imagine having to do something like that for something more seriouse and I know people do it allthe time but man I was a little stressed out. All is well now and the actual surgery only took minutes. Poor little man, He sure hammed it up though we dressed him in his UNM scrubs like his dad which was appropriate cause his surgery was at UNM.


it's no secret that Matthew love food but we did discover that he absolutely loves pickles. In fact if he's ever in a bad mood i stick him in his chair and give him a pickle, its like magic.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Matthew at seven months

So I know it has been forever cause the last pics I put up are of Matthew at three months and these are seven months. Whats really sad is he's actually already eight months so I'm a little behind. He's getting so big so fast It is incredible. I can't remember him as a tiny baby, and I can't believe how much he's changed. He is crawling around the house and pulling himself up on anything and everything. In the last few days he's also been letting go of the furniture and just standing. It is insane. I'm not ready for the walking yet.
Kurt and I haven't been up to a whole lot. He had some extra time this summer during his internship so we took a trip to Ohio to visit his relatives. .Matthew had some fun and excitement while we were there and he started eating real food so as you can see made him chewier and pretty dang happy. Other than that we've been trying to catch up on all the movies and dates we've missed out on since he's been in med school. He'll be done with the lecture/class portion of med school in December then he'll take boards in February. His third year starts in April I can't believe how fast the time is going.
Matthew's a pretty happy kid in general as long as he's being entertained and well fed of course. He loves the zoo and swimming. He's also pretty vocal, He Say's mama, Dada, hi and bye and waves. There may be a few other words we just don't quite know what they mean. He defiantly knows what he does and doesn't like and he lets us know. He growls to it's pretty funny. I'm always entertained:)

All in all motherhood is keeping me extremely busy, but I love it. I wish I didn't have to work on top of it but I think I would miss my job and all my clients. I love what I do but I also don't want to neglect Matthew at the same time. I don't know how people do both full time. It's pretty rough. On a lighter note this is an awesome park to take the kids to. It's over by Coronado mall, and It is really clean and new. That's random I know but I was pretty impressed. These pics were taken by a client friend of mine Tina Roberts. She did a great job so if anyone needs any pics I've got the number. She does family pics to.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

rylee tagged matthew:)

Well rylee tagged Matthew awhile ago but life has been a little crazy, so as far as tagging goes I now have to write seven things I love about this little man, first I love his eyes and his expressions, I know he doesn't talk yet but he says so much with the way he looks at me and his eyebrows and most of the time I just stare at him.

I also love that he is a total ham and loves to talk and laugh and smile. The other day I had to take him to the doctors because he had gotten a pretty bad cold and lost his voice. I swear had the doctor not heard his cough she probably would have thought I was crazy to bring him in. He was just smiling and laughing and everything she said he thought it was so funny so he would smile and blow bubbles and try to talk, but it was more af a pathetic raspy whisper than his usual loud voice. He had all the nurses and doctors laughing. It was so funny and yet hearing him all raspy was so sad. I think he thought his voice was funny cause he was definatly smiling away. I love that he already has such a strong will. At one point when the nurse was putting the sensor on his finger to check his o2 stat he decided it was taking too long so he tried to pull it off. when she wouldn't let him he looked at her made a grunt and then proceeded towards her hand with an open mouth ready to chomp. I about died it was pretty funny.

I also love that he looks so much like his dad and is out going like him to. It is so fun to see him interact with everyone and he's not shy as of now so that is great. I love his concerned look and his scowel when he's trying to figure out whats going on. But his big happy smile and his laugh with his dimples all showing could probably get me to do anything for him. I think I'm in trouble for the future but oh well, I just can't help it. This little man is so fun.
He thinks he is so big now. He's always trying to sit up and he's doing pretty good on his own but he's not always 100% stable so I have to sit close, and he loves to stand up. I can't believe how fast the time is going he'll be five months next week on the 10th. Crazy! If only pregnancy flew by that fast!!
I love the way he looks when he sleeps, and definately love all his roles:)He is so squishy and soft it is so fun to sqeeze him and kiss him. He even has roles on his fingers ans toes, whats not to love. I love the chewy babies. the bigger the better:)

as a side note these pics were taken by erin schmutz and they are so fun. If you ever need a photographer she's great!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Matthew James has changed soooo much. It's crazy to compare Bath time pics just from week to week. He is so much fun and He rolled over for the first time today at fifteen weeks. It probably took him a little longer than most cause He's already a stout eighteen lbs. and thats a lot of weight to be throwing around. We're are having a blast with him though, It's so fun to be able to interact with toys and books now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daddy and Bubby

Kurt is extremely busy being in his first year of Med School and trying to balance school work , a new baby and me:) He is so great with Matthew though and it is so fun to see them together, it's like Matthew is his little mini me:) My favorite is when they fall asleep together, and Matthew smiles in his sleep. You can tell He really loves his dad.

First Family Pictures

Kurt finally had a break from school so we went and got some family pics. We couldn't get Matthew to smile for the life of us, but they still turned out cute. It's so much fun to have our little family:) every day is an adventure. It all makes me wonder how my mom did it with seven!!!! You go mom, or should I say Wonder Woman.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

about Elissa

Not much to say about me I'm a workaholic trying to balance work and a new baby. I love being a mother and would rather stay home with my new little man but I also love my job and the people I get to work with and work on. I think having Matthew James is the best thing that I've ever done and he's defenatley the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love being his mother so much it hurts sometimes.

Matthew's Blessing

We blessed Matthew James today and surprisingly enough he was quiet and well behaved throughout the whole thing. I only say that because he normaly has a ton to say, he was born talking. He even got to wear his dad's baptisimal outfit from when he was a baby. He looked adorable and it was so fun to get to have my own baby blessed. Sometimes it's hard to beleive we are parents, but we love every minute of it.