Thursday, June 10, 2010

Utah Trip

Matthew and his Bapa playing in the water:) why does Utah have all the cool stuff???????
Aunt Carrie and cousin William....So cute:)

Well since I don't feel that cute being 35 weeks prego I decided to only take goofy pics since trying to look good is useless:)
Matthew seriously DUG this freaked him out a first but by the time we left I had a kicking screaming drag out fight getting him out hte door:)...wish we had one here in Albuquerque.
My little Ham of a man:)

Just thought this was adorable....Matthew was so entertained just watching his cousin wendel and his Uncle Gabe play video games.

Best part of the graduation in the kids eyes were the cookies afterwards:) this is regan and Matthew hamming it up as always:)
Uncle Jeremiah graduated from Law School!!!!!! Yay:)

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  1. Elissa-
    I know it can be a drive, but there is an indoor kids pool (kinda like the one in your pics) with slides and toys up in Rio Rancho...WAY out between the RRHS and Library. We live near it and my kids think it is the best.

    By the way, your babies are SO cute! Congrats, boys are so fun!

    Jennifer (Larson) Pearce